Commissioned by Joram, Balder, Ine and Bas

30/04/2010 To provide my boys and the neighbors kids with a Queens Day act in the Vondelpark, we created a game: ‘Defy the Ash Cloud’, inspired by the Icelandic volcano eruption which messed up air traffic at that particular time. Participants got 3 paper planes to throw and try to land them on the Schiphol runway. One major obstacle: an erupting volcano… Made from an old umbrella, some fabric and a bicycle pump and filled with flour. Ine and Balder were blowing ash clouds to terrorize the incoming planes. Contestants able to spell the name of the Icelandic volcano with eyes closed got to play for free. Over 320 people participated and got the kids a fully filled piggy bank.

Oh yeah, and we made the NOS Journaal!