Activation design – ‘Sla je Wereldbal’ for KLM Open

Commissioned by Triple Double

KLM has a returning ad campaign called ‘Wereldweken’, promoting flight tickets to various destinations. In line with the campaign Triple Double developed an activation concept for the KLM Open golf tournament in Spijk, the Netherlands. They asked me to design an event setup for the activation. We created a 30m water basin (check the making of video) with a driving range and a ‘green’: a plateau with a world map with five holes – each representing a fine (golf) destination. Participants each got three shots to hit a hole-in-one and win two tickets to the linked destination. 

The activation was a big success with lots of exposure on the event and on social media. 

Check the interactive 360˚ slide show

Check the 360 video! (On smartphone: press title in video)