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Blade Bar at Horecava Amsterdam

To present Heinekens new professional countertop draught system.

Digital Souvenir exhibits for Heineken Experience Amsterdam

Personalized fun pics and karaoke video clips as content for social media

Heineken Floating Bar in Ibiza

Unique brand experience at Heineken Bay

UCL Trophy Tour goes Argentina, Nigeria and Vietnam

The UEFA Champions League Experience presented by Heineken travels the world

THE SUB® presentation display

Premium presentation for Heineken's brand new home draught system: THE SUB®

Heineken UCL Trophy Tour Augmented Reality App

24/03/13 Unlock the hidden football content in the UEFA Champions League exhibition with the special Trophy Tour app

Heineken UCL Trophy Tour 2013

24/03/13 Follow the Road to the Final to meet the Cup with the big ears

Crack James Bond’s Case

Be a special agent at the Skyfall exhibit in the Heineken Experience Amsterdam

Heineken Historic Timeline

12/6/12 A literal walk through Heineken's history

Heineken UCL Trophy Tour 2012

31/3/12 Masterpiece Moments with UEFA Champions League football and the Trophy, proudly presented by Heineken.

Heineken Extra Cold Experience

A traveling event to promote the coolest beer for the hottest locations.