Creating Brand Memories

Cross disciplinary concepts

With a background in industrial design engineering I have knowledge of and experience in design, construction, technology, ergonomics and marketing. I combine these skills to create physical meeting spaces where brands meet their target groups. My objective is to touch the senses, the mind and the heart, in order to create brand memories. Memories which people want to share on social media. Memories which result in awareness, brand preference and conversion. Memories which ultimately turn visitors into fans.

Award winning brand experiences

Through the years our brand experience concepts and designs have been internationally awarded numerously.

Agencies as well as brands I have collaborated with, have received awards for a.o. Best Event Technology, Best Road Show, Best Temporary Pop-Up Store, Best Sport Event, Best Outdoor Event, Best Trade Show Booth, Best Event Environment and Best Modular Booth.

Aram Leeuw


Aram graduated from Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering. After his studies he worked in the development team of science center NEMO in Amsterdam, where he built his knowledge of designing interactive exhibitions and experiences where visitors are triggered, invited and challenged in order to learn informally. After NEMO he worked at Kubik , Promhouse and Sandenburg designing brand experience environments for events, trade shows, exhibitions and retail. He started his own business in 2010. Besides designing experiences Aram likes to practice Krav Maga and playing keyboards.

Recent Projects